Shin Law Group

Shin Law Group (SLG) has a diversified practice with lawyers in various areas of expertise to meet your needs. SLG, the General Counsel to the South Korean consulate, has represented both prominent corporate clients as well as thousands of individuals in commercial and private matters. The principal office is located in Northern Virginia, with branch offices in Columbia, Maryland and Flushing, New York. Lawyers at SLG has combined experience of over 60 years in various areas of the law including personal injury, immigration (including EB5 investments), divorce, commercial and residential settlements, bankruptcy, and civil litigation. The firm provides services in multiple languages, primary in English, Korean and Spanish.


➤ Family/Employment Based; Immigration Change of Status (non-immigrant visa) Application
➤ Removal Hearings
➤ Naturalization/Citizenship Work Visas

Personal Injury

➤ Auto Accidents
➤ Reckless Driving Charges
➤ Medical and Dental Malpractice

Bankruptcy/Financial Relief

➤ Business Bankruptcy
➤ Personal Bankruptcy
➤ Debt Settlement
➤ Tax Liability (IRS & State) and Negotiation

Family Law

➤ Divorce
➤ Wills
➤ Trusts

Civil Litigation

➤ Civil Litigation
➤ Criminal Defense
➤ Landlord/Tenant Disputes (Commercial)

Business Law

➤ Corporations & Governance
➤ Mergers and Acquisition
➤ Joint Venture Agreements